By | 13/12/2017
gambling addiction

Gambling is one of the most exciting and fun activities. It is a low-risk recreational activity that is loved by many people. However, it can easily shift into a serious problem if it is not controlled. It can affect your familial, financial, occupational, social and recreational functioning once you get addicted to gambling. In general, its effects are almost similar to those of drug abuse.

What makes people start gambling

People gamble for different reasons. Some are there to win money while others gamble to the yesteryears. There are no people who are more vulnerable to this activity than others. Controlling your gambling activities is the best method of getting rid of addiction and the effects associated with it.gambler-poker

Which are the risk factors of getting addicted?

Studies have proven that certain people are more prone to addition. These are individuals of certain genetic origin. These include the following:

  • Individuals having low levels of serotonin hormone
  • People who do not consider long-term effects or consequences of their actions
  • People who are not interested in those activities that do not have immediate rewards
  • People who have an impulsive nature

Research has also revealed that individuals who are addicted to gambling produce low levels of serotonin hormone. Most of them have no control over their money and time. This has, in turn, forced them to ignore their responsibilities, families and other duties. Gambling addiction has also driven many people into debts and hiding. These people are encouraged to engage in activities that increase the release of this essential hormone. The following are the major effects of problem gambling.

Mental problems

It is one of the leading causes of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. This problem is very common in those people who gamble excessively. They always feel anxious, depressed and stressed. This is something that has made their day-to-day life very difficult. The following are the common symptoms that appear in those individuals who are chronically depressed due to gambling addiction.

  • Gaining or losing weight
  • Losing appetite
  • Low interest in sex
  • Feeling angry
  • Loss of interest in other physical activities
  • Changes in the sleep pattern
  • Feeling hopeless, and helpless
  • Suicide riskman stressed

Individuals who gamble excessively are at high risk of committing suicide. This is very common among those individuals who have developed mental health issues such as depression and those using drugs such as alcohol. Anyone who is contemplating to commit suicide is advised to seek help immediately.