How to Play Online Casino: A Beginner’s Guide

digitalization of gambling

Are you bored of the game machines in Las Vegas? Does gambling give you time management issues? Are you tired of the need to dress up just to put your money for a bet? Online casinos answer all of those problems by offering an opportunity for gambler around the world to play anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, not only do online games offer flexibility and infinite accessibility, but they also come in visual representation way better than their machine counterpart. For example, you can expect varieties of design and user interface when you play the old slot machine. Digitalization enables creative gameplay approaches to the slot. And you can say goodbye to the rigid, stationary, and unappealing mechanical characters in the old machines.

However, when we discuss fraud and scam, cyberworld is not free from them. In fact, cybercrimes are thriving business. And the creative designs of online games may also confuse new players. Therefore, read this guide first, before you start signing up on one of those online casinos.

Investigating the Casino’s Credibility

illustration of cybersecurity for online gamblingOnline casinos are snowballing. Each year, we can roughly say that there are millions of new sites promising excellent gambling experience to the users. But as you may have sensed, some of them are bogus, and some are legit. You need to acquire the right eyes to spot which from which.

First, check on the casino’s license. Although cyber-casinos work differently in many ways if compared to the physical ones, they do have a licensing system that can verify their legitimacy. For Inter-regional associations, here are the game authorities that regulate online casinos:

  1. Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF)
  2. International Association of Gaming Regulator (IAGR)
  3. North American Gaming Regulators Association (NAGRA)

And in case you do not know, casinos are also authorized by regional and tribal associations and the notable ones among which are:

  1. Macau: Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau
  2. Malta: Malta Gaming Authority
  3. Canada: Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  4. Slovenia: Office for Gaming Supervision- part of the Ministry of Finance

Second, you have to realize that authorization alone is not enough. Check for online reviews for the casino’s service, and see if there are scandals.

Start Easy

getting money from gamblingAlthough the games offered by online casinos resemble those of the physical ones, their gameplays are much more diverse. Do not overwhelm yourself with difficult games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps. Those games are notorious for being bloodsuckers to the novice gamblers.

The recommended games for beginners are bingo and slots. For bingo, you can give Barbados Bingo a try. They provide a new definition to the game by making it thematic and imaginative. On the given link, slots are also present.

But you would be better to bet step by step on the game. Do not put big money on the first try unless you are seriously ready to lose it.

Scheduling Your Game

visualization of online casinos - CopyGambling online can be addictive. Once join a casino, you can access the games as soon as you see the sun rises. Remember that your purpose is to reduce the likelihood of your gambling habit to ruin your life. Gamble only when you have nothing else to do, such as while waiting for a bus or expecting a meeting with a colleague.

Playing in moderation also increases your chances to win. The behavior can improve your sense and guts instinct to know when to aim high and when to aim low. And it is better to stay loyal to one casino to seize the momentum of the game.

Happy playing!

Online Games and What You Must Know About Them

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Online games allow us to play with the fortune anywhere and anytime. There are also plenty casinos that provide unique deals for the winner. We no longer need to put on our fancy clothes and waste time on the road only to play roulette.

But to some people, gambling online sounds so strange and unsafe. It asks for the credit card and deducts the loss automatically from the bank account, which makes people think the system may be vulnerable to card fraud. However, if you play with the certified members of international online casinos, your card’s data will be guaranteed to be safe. Besides, most casinos accept payment from secured payment platforms, such as PayPal and Google Wallet.

Because the game is digital, people also believe that the game mechanism can be easily set to cheat on the player, which is not true at all. Online casinos spend a lot of money to keep their games fair. They develop the software to generate randomness in the games, so that player’s winning condition depends solely on their luck. Roulettes and slots are the best examples of games with such mechanism. In case of blackjack and poker, the players are fighting their luck and analysis capacity with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which makes the game very close to their land-based peers.

Now, let us get into the game types. We will discuss three most exciting games to play and why they appear as such.

Online Bingo

holding a bingo couponOnline Bingo is getting famous among the youths and elders. The online platform has managed to break the stereotype of the game being exclusively available only for the old people in the retiree house. After all, the game can diversify one’s playing style.

First, you need to be a registered user to play the game. Fill in the credit card detail and make some real money deposit. Then, you will be given the choices to play the 90, 80, or 75 balls. After you make your decision, the machine will generate the number to determine the winner. And unlike other online games, if you play with a trusted house, such as, the system provides a fair play. Besides, no one is going to play on sites that are pulling schemes on the users.

Second, online bingos allow the players to chat with each other, and that is the fun part of it. Unlike solitaire, roulette, and slot machines, Bingo is more lively. You can make new friends while having fun with your luck.

Online Slots

hitting the jackpotSlots are notoriously difficult to win, which gives precisely the thrill to real gamblers. But here is a trick for you. Do not place your luck just on one machine on one site.

The system predetermines your fortune each time you log in. Therefore, the chances are that if you are unlucky for one day, you cannot win at that day, no matter how many times you are trying to hit the jackpot.

Play slots in moderation because it can be addictive and empty your wallet pretty fast. Do not bet in a big amount unless you are ready to lose them. Unlike card games, you cannot reason and calculate how slot machines work.

The Card Games

Poker, Blackjack, Pi Gow, and Baccarat are three commonly played card-based games. They can be challenging because, in theory, you can read the situation of the game and bets intuitively. They also require strategy and clever analysis to play.

In online card games, the house will use AI to be the dealer. The deck and the game pattern grows as you are playing with it.

And if you play with other players, you can have the chances to see how fair the system will treat you. Planet 7 and Royal Vegas Online Casino are two examples of popular sites.

Extra Tips

winning an online game

Before you trust to play a particular site, you should read reviews about it first. Some casinos have a very slow money withdrawal system, which can be a sign of trouble.

Some games are also known to jam in the middle of the play, which can be an unfair condition for you.

Online gamblers are growing worldwide. They have community forums to share their gambling experience. Join them and learn about the basic drills in online gambles.

Advantages of Playing on an Online Casino

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Playing at an online casino is the best way for people who do not get time to visit a casino. An online casino works just like the traditional type of casino. However, there are advantages of playing online over making a physical visit to the casino.

All you need to do is to make sure that you look for the best gambling scenes online. There are many casino websites available, and you might be required to search for some time before you find the right one. Here are some advantages of playing poker online:

Play anywhere and anytime

One thing that you must appreciate about an online casino is the fact that you can play anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to visit a casino is your local area to play. All you need to do is to log into the website from your phone or computer.

This is an easy and convenient way to play. It saves time and money moving from your home or office to the casino. The convenience of an online casino beats the other casinos.

Variety of games

With an online casino, you can play all the type of games that you need. You need to worry about the same old boring games that are common in your casino. With online games, you get the opportunity to play all the type of games that you want. You can even try new games available and learn new things when it comes to online games.

Free games and bonuses

An online casino will give you the chance to play free games. There are free games that you can play without paying any money, and there are some games that you will be required to pay. Even with the paid games, you will receive bonuses for the games. Bonuses are good when you want to play games or move to the next level when playing.


Playing online is comfortable instead of playing in a casino. When playing online, you can play from the comfort of your home, and this is easy. Playing form the comfort of your home allows you to play without the external pressure that comes from being physically in a casino. Playing in a comfortable environment will always help you to win.

online casino tips

Play globally

With online games, you get the opportunity to play globally. Playing with players from all over the world will give you the exposure that you need to do well. You will have confidence because of playing with people from different parts of the world.

What You Need to Know About Gambling Addiction

gambling addiction

Gambling is one of the most exciting and fun activities. It is a low-risk recreational activity that is loved by many people. However, it can easily shift into a serious problem if it is not controlled. It can affect your familial, financial, occupational, social and recreational functioning once you get addicted to gambling. In general, its effects are almost similar to those of drug abuse.

What makes people start gambling

People gamble for different reasons. Some are there to win money while others gamble to the yesteryears. There are no people who are more vulnerable to this activity than others. Controlling your gambling activities is the best method of getting rid of addiction and the effects associated with it.gambler-poker

Which are the risk factors of getting addicted?

Studies have proven that certain people are more prone to addition. These are individuals of certain genetic origin. These include the following:

  • Individuals having low levels of serotonin hormone
  • People who do not consider long-term effects or consequences of their actions
  • People who are not interested in those activities that do not have immediate rewards
  • People who have an impulsive nature

Research has also revealed that individuals who are addicted to gambling produce low levels of serotonin hormone. Most of them have no control over their money and time. This has, in turn, forced them to ignore their responsibilities, families and other duties. Gambling addiction has also driven many people into debts and hiding. These people are encouraged to engage in activities that increase the release of this essential hormone. The following are the major effects of problem gambling.

Mental problems

It is one of the leading causes of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. This problem is very common in those people who gamble excessively. They always feel anxious, depressed and stressed. This is something that has made their day-to-day life very difficult. The following are the common symptoms that appear in those individuals who are chronically depressed due to gambling addiction.

  • Gaining or losing weight
  • Losing appetite
  • Low interest in sex
  • Feeling angry
  • Loss of interest in other physical activities
  • Changes in the sleep pattern
  • Feeling hopeless, and helpless
  • Suicide riskman stressed

Individuals who gamble excessively are at high risk of committing suicide. This is very common among those individuals who have developed mental health issues such as depression and those using drugs such as alcohol. Anyone who is contemplating to commit suicide is advised to seek help immediately.

Role of Technology in the Casino Industry

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There are many changes and development that have taken place in the gaming industry over the last few decades. This is mainly attributed to the advancement in technology and the number of people who have embraced the use of the internet. Many people have turned from the traditional casinos to online ones. In the modern days, consumers are interested in those options that are convenient for them. This is what has made the online casinos one of the most popular choices.

Players can enjoy the freedom of choosing their favourite games and playing them easily. It has created good playing experiences for the gamblers. For instance, they can top up their balances through texts. This has made the payments system more secure than it was in the past. Bingo and poker were the first games that adapted quickly to the internet. These are one of the most popular games. In fact, they are still popular up to date. They can also be replicated easily online.


Gambling has become portable since the introduction of the smartphones in the market. You can now gamble from any place. These services are available through both web browsers and apps. With these phones, users can easily download the app for certain casino and access different websites. Most of the gambling sites are compatible with these applications.smartphone

The advancement in the mobile technology has played a key role in bringing the gambling industry into the mainstream. This is the technology that has revolutionized nearly all the aspects of the gambling industry. Players can play their favourite games at their convenient time.


Many online games can be accessed from different websites. They include scratch cards, video poker, card games live dealer games and table games. They can be accessed easily with improved technology. Slots are one of the popular games that are offered by all casinos. Examples of slot games include progressive games, branded games, classic games and video slots. Some of the popular titles that can be accessed and played online include the famous Thunderstruck 2 game


Technology has made gambling very convenient for the consumers. Many people are playing their games at online casinos. They no longer have to travel to casinos, pay for accommodation or transport. This has also helped them in saving time that would be spent when visiting the casinos. Hundred of games can be played on the computers.